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Zero Solar can supply solar thermal panels from Pleion, allowing you to create the perfect heating system for your home. 

Solar thermal panels


SOLAR SYSTEMS: designed to enable control of intelligent energy consumption and reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. Save money and do good for the environment. 

SOLAR ACCUMULATORS: they have a sophisticated energy management because they use a high-efficiency pump of last generation and an intelligent control system. All with integrated solar station. 

SOLAR COLLECTORS AND SOLAR PANELS with forced circulation, flat or with vacuum, guarantee the best absorption of solar energy throughout the year. Guaranteed 5 years (or 10 with extended guarantee). 

PLEION RANGE: The combination of our boilers and solar collectors reaches the highest levels of energy efficiency (in accordance with European standards) and make an ideal solar system both for the production of Domestic Hot Water and for the INTEGRATION OF THE HEATING SYSTEM. 


  • Collectors and solar panels that give extremely high performance in both summer and winter.
  • Specific solar systems for integration to the heating system.
  • Integrated hydraulic circuits, refined aesthetics together with technical functionality.
  • High efficiency SELF-CONFIGURING systems.
  • "Energy-saving" insulation to reduce heat dispersion.
ego prime
Ego Prime

Solar collector with natural circulation ego prime with innovative and patented integrated accumulation for direct water heating for health use. 

x-ray 15 solar panel
X Ray

High efficiency vacuum solar collectors Pleion X-RAY R consisting of 58 mm diameter borosilicate double air casing vacuum tubes. 

eclipse 2 solar panel
Eclipse 2

High-efficiency Pleion X-AIR 14 vacuum solar collector consisting of 14 double-walled borosilicate glass tubes.


Portable and easy to install solar water heater. Connect to a hosepipe, a little sun and you have plentiful hot water.