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Why Solar Thermal

Solar energy is practically unlimited, free of charge and carbon neutral, unlike fossil fuels. 

Modern heating systems can be combined with solar panels, making solar heating systems available for hot water heating, or to feed additional heat into the heating circuit. Even on cooler days by raising the water temperature just a few degrees before been heated by a conventional boiler can reduce the heat needed considerably. 

Sunshine free solar energy

The use of solar radiation as heat energy is known as solar thermal heating. This is not to be confused with photovoltaics, which produces electricity using sunlight. Solar energy has long been recognised as one of the greatest renewable sources of energy and our tried and tested technology has proven itself over many years.

The benefits of solar heating:

  • Endless amounts of energy, free of charge
  • No CO2 emissions during operation
  • Cost savings: up to 60% less energy to heat water, up to 35% less energy for space heating
  • Reduced consumption of fossil fuels
  • Solar thermal systems can be integrated into existing systems
  • Modern systems work efficiently even in winter
Zero ridge solar panel