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Eclipse - How it Works


is the world’s first solar collector endowed with a smart Auto Dimming system that regulates the collector temperature and keeps your solar system perfectly efficient all year round.

Panel open

Panel closed

As the panel heats up and reaches maximum heat, the blinds automatically rotate and cover the tubes preventing them from over heating and removing the potential for damage to the tubes.


Carefree, everything is automatic.

In case of high irradiation (overtemperature risk) ECLIPSE 2 SMART CONTROLLER automatically positions the sheets in “dimming” mode, preventing sun rays from raising the vector fluid temperature any further, thus stabilising the system temperature.

The system automatically detects when to resume energy capturing and allowing the heating of the vector fluid, thus restoring the normal operation of the system


Safety at fingertips.

In case you do not use the system for extended periods of time, you can simply press a button to activate the “HOLIDAY” mode: the sheets of ECLIPSE 2 close and protect the pipes from the sun and the elements (ANTI-HAIL SYSTEM) until it the system used again.

This mode is perfect for the systems that are used only a few months a year or close during the summer (such as schools, sports centres, hotels, campsites or holiday houses).