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Why Zero Ridge and Pleion Solar Panels

Zero Ridge was setup, when several employees of Euroheat, joined forces  to continue the biomass story that we had started over 30 years previously. Zero Solar is one arm of the Zeroridge Group which includes leisure activities such as Bikes, Cookers and of course Biomass boilers and space heaters.

 Why buy Pleion?

As an industrial company producing high efficiency solar systems, PLEION fully satisfies all the requests and needs of people like you, who think of the present with an outlook towards the future, aware that the use of renewable energies is the most convenient path.

This is why we have developed range of products and solar systems that exploit in the best way the infinite energy of the sun, combining efficiency with simplicity of installation and of use.

We do our part to make the present and our children's future cleaner and more comfortable.

PLEION is the manufacturer of most of the main components of its own system.

eclipse 2 solar panel


Based on its exceptional experience PLEION is a point of reference in the Italian solar thermal market.

Pleion continue to develop the best technologies the most innovative solutions for solar thermal collectors and high performing thermal solar panels for any home, business or industrial application.


Pleion provides highly reliable and complete solar thermal solutions, from A to Z. 

All products are manufactured in Europe to guarantee the highest quality and durability. 

Pleion combines creativity and strategy, ideas and technology, innovation and design to produce the best solar collectors on the solar thermal market, certified by the most prestigious international certification bodies. 

From concept to design, through a technologically advanced production, we have obtained a reliable and efficient series of products of exceptional quality.


  • Strong industrial know-how: complete and exclusive solar thermal solutions from a single partner.
  • Flexibility of design and of technology to guarantee high yields and ease of installation.
  • Exceptional experience as leader of the solar thermal market with a series of latest generation thermal solar panels.
  • Total quality and a expanding portfolio of customers who believe in Pleion quality and service.
  • Technical TEAM dedicated to customers. 

High quality services and a qualified management team to guarantee a product of excellent design combined with a high quality level.